10 Household Wonder

Must Try

Use common household items or tools for culinary purposes.

1. Use a sturdy STRAW to core a strawberry.

2. Use an ENVELOPE with a snipped corner as a funnel for dry ingredients and spices.

3. Use a MELON BALLER to scoop out tomato seeds or core an apple.

4. Use a CHOPSTICK to level off ingredients in a measuring cup.

5. Use a PAPER PLATE when transferring dry ingredients to a stand mixer.

6. Use an old CAN to cut dough and form perfectly round cookies and biscuits.

7. Use a SQUEEZABLE KETCHUP BOTTLE to pour pancake batter onto the pan.

8. Use scrunched up ALUMINUM FOIL to remove stains and baked-on food glass pan.

9. Use UNSCENTED DENTAL FLOSS to slice soft food like cheesecakes and hard boiled eggs.

10. Use a GRATER to strain citrus fruits. Squeeze fruit over a flat grater to keep seeds out of the juice.
Try using this substitute tools and make your kitchen life easier.

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