Cooking Hacks

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Here are some coking hacks that could save your time, give tips, and make your kitchen experience exciting and fun.

• Preparing smoothies for breakfast? Freeze your vegetables and fruits overnight to make blending them easier. It will also make your shakes extra cold.

• When chopping raisins, keep them from sticking together by sprinkling flour on them.

• When working with round vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, create a flat side by cutting a thin, straight slice on one side. This will make them stay put while slicing and chopping.

• Cut/slice vegetables in uniform sizes, this ensures that they finish sautéing, steaming, and cooking at the same time.

• Even if your recipe doesn’t require it, take the zest from lemon/lime. Put in a resealable bag and freeze it until needed.

• Keep apple slices from browning by squeezing lemon on the surface.

• Use an egg slicer to evenly slice fruits like bananas, kiwis, apples, strawberries, and etc. You can also do the same with semi- soft cheese.

• Soak bamboo skewers in cold water for 10 minutes to keep them from burning when grilling.

• After boiling or blanching, plunge vegetables in ice water or cold water to retain vibrant colors and crunch.

• Remove stains from wooden cutting boards by sprinkling salt or baking soda over them and rub it with lemon wedges. Wash with soap and rinse well.

• To prevent noodles from sticking together when cooking. Submerge it with enough water and sprinkle some salt. Avoid putting oil: this will make the noodles slippery and keep the sauce from adhering to them. You can use some of the liquid to pour over your sauce. The starch will make the sauce creamier.

• Make sure butter is at room temperature before creaming it with sugar. This allows air to incorporate fully into your batter, making your baked goods rose perfectly.

• When serving beverages. Use ice cubes made out of the same liquid. This way they won’t water down your drink. Or put some sliced fruits.

• When serving frozen desserts on sticks, insert its end through a cupcake liner to catch drips.

• Make ice-cream cones leak-proof by placing marshmallows at the bottom of it.

• Keep eggplants heart of palm or potatoes from discoloring by soaking them in running water or cold water after cutting.

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