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Chinese began cooking in pots made from clay that could withstand high temperatures, about 3000 years ago.

Part of the pleasure of preparing ethnic and comfort food comes from cooking with the same equipment used in the home country.

The Chinese use them for long cooking and casserole cooking stews and soups. They believe that food cooked on clay has a sweeter, purer, and more mellow flavor. The clay keeps food so hot that it comes to the table sizzling in its juices. There are many different types of clay pot. Some have kinds with wire handle or clay knob. Some are encased with wire to help the clay from breakage and conduct heat more evenly.

Before using a clay pot, you should soak it in the water together with its lid for at least 24 hours, let it dry for another 24 hours. No further soaking is necessary. When using the pot avoid extreme changes of temperature. Do not set a chilled clay pot directly on a hit burner or place a heated pot on a cold or wet surface while it is still hot. It will lead to breakage of the pot. Place a wire diffuser over electric elements; with gas, set the pot directly on the burner. To keep it clean, wash it with water and mild dish washing detergent.

Cooking with clay pot usually helps your food to achieve the traditional taste. It gives more natural and aromatic taste to your dish.


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