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Here are some tricks and tips when frying your foods:

• Make sure that the oil is hot enough before putting the food in, to prevent oil from splattering.

• To know if the oil is hot enough for frying, stick a wooden spoon or chopstick in the oil. If bubbles form around it, it’s ready.

• When deep-frying, hold food with long tongs. Dip into the oil just below the surface. And wait for five seconds before releasing.

• When sautéing or frying, avoid overcrowding the pan. This will result in steamed – not fried food.

• Keep fried food crisp after cooking by allowing it to sit on a wire rack. To let the excess oil to drip off. Don’t place it immediately on a plate.

• Use metal or wooden spoons rather than plastic spoons.

Hope these tips and tricks would help you fry your food to perfection.


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