Couscous with Parsley

Must Try

Couscous (pronounced as koos-koos) is made from semolina, small granules of durum wheat also used in producing pasta and cereal.

Widely used in European and North African cuisines.

Couscous is a popular healthy alternative to grains like rice and serves as a great side dish for meat or vegetable stews. In some countries like Egypt and Morocco. It’s also prepared as a dessert with sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and fruits. Locally, it can be purchased in instant form, already steamed and dried.

All you need to do is boil water, add the couscous, and wait for about 10 minutes. Add some butter to the mix, fluff with fork, and you’re done.

Try it in the popular tabbouleh or as a salad with shrimp, almonds or parsley and some lemon juice.

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