Creamy Crab and Mango Finger Sandwich

Must Try

A light and tasty snack family and friends will surely love.

Sandwiches can be healthy treats. It contain carbohydrates from bread, protein from meat or seafood, and vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.


– 1/4 cup mayonnaise

– 3/4 cup all purpose cream

– salt and pepper to taste

– 8 slices of whole wheat bread

– 6-8 pieces Kani ( artificial crabmeat, shredded ) or real crabmeat if available

– sweet ham (optional)

– 1 ripe mangoes, julienned

– half cucumber , julienned


1. Combine mayonnaise, all purpose cream, salt and pepper. You can also add a dash of cayenne pepper if desired. Set aside.

2. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin until about 0.5 cm thin per piece. Spread prepared dressing on top of a flatten piece of bread.

3. Add ham, kani, mangoes and cucumber. Roll filled bread to resemble a Japanese maki.

4. Cut into 2-3 small pieces and secure with cocktail toothpicks to hold shape and filing when serving.

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