Fresh Fruits with Cream

Must Try


1/4 kgs grapes (of your choice)
2 bananas, diced
2 kiwis, peeled and diced
1/2 cup pineapple cubes
2 ripe mangoes, diced
2 packs Graham crackers
1 liter all purpose or heavy cream
1/3 cup condensed milk
2 peaches, sliced (can also use the ones in the can) to decorate


*Beat/ whip the cream with an electric beater until it reaches soft peak consistency, pour in the condensed milk slowly. Taste the mixture before adding all the condensed milk in to make sure you get your desired sweetness.Place in the fridge.

batter*Prepare a big loaf pan or a medium sized aluminum tray,about 2-3 inches in height. Place one layer of graham crackers, this will be the base. Scatter mixed fruits evenly on top of the crackers. Pour cream and spread evenly.


Do another layer by starting with graham crackers, then fruits and cream. Lastly, another layer of graham crackers and cover with cream evenly, making sure that crackers are all covered up. Decorate with sliced peaches and cut grapes or any fruits of your liking. Refrigerate overnight or freeze for at least 3 hours.Serve and enjoy!!!

[quote_center]Tip: If using bananas, make sure you slice the bananas just before adding them in, to avoid them turning brown.[/quote_center]

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