Fried Chicken Asado

Must Try

Delicious food shows the best sentiments of the season. An easy to prepare chicken dish sure to stand out in any holiday spread.

Chicken leg and breast are parts that are lower in fat compared to other parts.


– 4 pieces chicken quarter

– 1/2 cup soy sauce

– juice of 10 pieces calamansi

Cooking oil for deep frying

– 2 tablespoon crushed garlic

– 2 onion, sliced

– 3 pieces tomatoes, sliced

– 1 cup tomato sauce

– 3 pieces bay leaf

– 2 tablespoon sugar or more for desired sweetness


1. Marinate chicken in soy sauce and calamansi juice for at least 20 minutes. Drain chicken. Keep the reserve marinate.

2. Heat cooking oil and deep fry chicken until golden Brown. Transfer on a drip tray to remove excess oil. Set aside.

3. In another pan, heat 2 tablespoon of cooking oil. Sauté garlic, onion and tomatoes until limp.

4. Pour in tomato sauce and reserve marinade. Adjust taste by adding water if necessary. Add bay leaf and season with sugar.

5. Arrange prepared chicken in a platter. Drizzle with the prepared tomato sauce or serve the sauce on the side.

This dish is best paired with Century egg.

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