Fruit and Jello Salad

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Fruit and Jello Salad

This dessert is very light yet a healthy treat. Fruits and yogurt is a perfect combination if you want to maintain your figure.


– 2 cups jello cubes (assorted flavors)

– 3 cups fruit cocktail or desired fruits

– 2 cups yogurt Strawberry or desired flavor

– 1/2 cup All Purpose Cream, whipped

– 1/2 cup Cornflakes cereal


1. Combine whipped All Purpose Cream with strawberry Yogurt. Mix with chopped fresh fruits and set aside to chill.

2. Prepare flavored Jello. When set, cut into cubes.

3. In single serving glasses or bowl, place around 1/2 cup of different flavored Jello cubes. Top with the fruit and yogurt mixture. Garnish with crushed Cornflakes upon serving.

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