Green Onion Curls for Garnish

Must Try

We usually use green onion to add a mild onion taste to our food and it’s aroma.
Here’s a tip on How to curl your green onion for garnishing your meal to look more appetizing to eat.

– 6 to 8 medium green onions
– cold water
– 10-12 ice cubes (1 tray)

Let’s start!

1. Trim bulbs (white part) from onions; reserve for another use. Trim remaining stems (green part) to 4- inch lengths.

2. Using sharp scissors, cut each section of green stems lengthwise into very thin strips down to beginning of stems. Cut 6 to 8 strips in each stem section.

3. Fill large bowl about half full with cold water. Add green onions and ice cubes. Refrigerate until onions curl, about an hour.

Now you’re ready to use it as garnish!

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