How to Thaw Meat Quickly and Safely

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The dilemma:
You always plan your meals ahead of time, but today, company is unexpectedly arriving. You need to whip up something fast! How do you thaw meat safely and quickly.

What to do:
Quicker way is to place the meat in a bowl large enough to fit it comfortably, fill it with cold water, and place it under a dripping water faucet.
The moving water ensures a constant temperature in the water surrounding the meat and deters bacterial growth while the meat is thawing.
To save water, you can opt to submerge the meat in a bowl of cold water instead, making sure to change it every 20 minutes. Never let you meat thaw in the kitchen counter or use hot water. These will expose your meat to bacteria-breeding temperatures. Even using microwave oven will only put brown marks on the outer layer of the meat.

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