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When planning to prepare a meal for your loved ones you need to consider the quality and freshness of the things that you need. Using fresh ingredients may affect your menu to perfection.

Follow these simple tips when purchasing your ingredients:

1.) Always check the expiration dates of the products you are buying. Groceries usually keep the newer products with later expiration dates at the back of the display.

2.) Read the recipe from start to finish before purchasing any ingredients. Check your pantry for ingredients that is already available. Remove items on the list that your family or guest may be allergic to.

3.) Keep cooler filled with ice in your trunk when shopping your groceries. So you can keep meet, seafood, cold cuts, and dairy cool on the way home.

4.) Smell seafood before buying it. It should smell like the ocean at high tide in the morning– fresh and mild, not sulfuric or muddy. Buy mussels and clams with shells slightly open. To ensure freshness, tap them carefully and watch if the shells slowly close. When cooking them, shells that doesn’t open means it is not fresh anymore. Remove them and do not eat.

5.) To check the freshness of eggs. Drop them in bowl of cool salted water. If it sinks. It’s fresh. If it floats. It’s rotten: remove immediately.

6.) When purchasing your meat products make sure to buy in a reputable market place or meat shop. Make sure the place is clean and properly managed that guarantee quality and freshness.

7.) Make a list of the ingredients that you need to buy. When you’re in a grocery store you tend to forget the important things that you need, and may end up buying unnecessary things.

8.) Bring your own grocery bag. There’s no harm of bringing recyclable bags with you when purchasing items. In this way you’ll be able to help our Mother Earth to keep away from plastics.

Note: Let your family members help you to prepare and cook foods. In this way you’ll have a perfect family bonding moments and enjoy the fruit of your labor afterwards.

Follow daily kitchen tips and tricks to help you cook like a pro.

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