Lo Mein Noodles with Shrimp

Must Try

This Chinese noodle dish with shrimp in bite-size pieces stir-fried in a seasoned sauce is a complete meal. That could satisfy the cravings of everyone.


12 oz Chinese-style thin flat egg noodle
1 ½ tsps sesame oil
1 ½ tbsps oyster sauce
1 ½ tbsps soy sauce
½ tsp sugar
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp ground white pepper
2 tbsps vegetable oil
1 tsp minced fresh ginger
1 clove garlic, minced
1 small carrot, cut in strips
1 cup broccoli florets
4 pcs dried whole red chili (optional)
8 oz lean pork, thinly sliced
8 oz medium shrimps, tails removed, shelled and deveined
1 tbsp dry sherry
1/2 cup chopped spring onions


• Cook noodles according to package directions until tender but still firm, 2 to 3 minutes. Drain, rinse under cold running water and drain again. Toss noodles with sesame oil until well coated. Set aside.
• Combine oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt and pepper in a small bowl.
• Heat vegetable oil in a wok or a large skillet over high heat. Add ginger and garlic and saute for about 30 seconds. Add pork and cook for about 5 minutes. Then add carrots, broccoli, chili and shrimps and stir-fry until shrimps turn pink, and vegetables are half-cooked. Add in noodles, sherry and oyster sauce mixture. Toss well and stir fry for about 5 minutes. Transfer onto a serving dish and sprinkle with spring onions.



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