No-Fuss Weeknight Cooking Tips

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Make everyday meal prep a breeze with this five easy tips.

1. Prepare the week’s menu and do your grocery shopping over the weekend. Make sure to have enough supply for one whole week. Invest in pantry staples– you need salt to last until Friday. Also consider that fresh ingredients must be consumed earlier in the week.

2. Cook a big batch of a braised or roasted dish during the weekend. Heat one portion of the dish for one weekday, then transform other portions into new dishes for the following days.

3. In the morning, right before leaving for school or work, thaw and marinate your meats in the fridge. All that’s left to do when you get back home is cook.

4. Multitasking is king! If you need to use onions or garlic for three days throughout the week, prepare all that you’ll need on the first day. Just store the other portions, submerged in oil, until you need them again.

5. The microwave is your best friend. Aside from heating food, it can also be used to cook meals from scratch.

Hope this tips would help you..

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