The Best 7 Ways to Peel a Pomegranate!

Must Try

Having a hard time deseeding your pomegranate? We got your back! Here are seven easy steps to save your time! 🙂

step1Using a knife, gently score  around the mid-line of the pomegranate. Pierce skin deep enough, but shallow enough that you don’t cut into the seeds inside.


Using your thumbs, pull hard the fruit for the cuts to open.

step 3

The water will help soften the white tissue or the pith of the fruit, under its skin.

step 4Turn the half upside down and beat vigorously with something flat or a spoon. Seeds will come out into your hand, place them in  the bowl of water using below.

step 5

Check if there any seeds left, if there’s any, you can use your hand to remove them out or try to whack it again using your spoon.

step 6Scoop any floating pith out of the water using the spoon.

step 7Drain the water. Now you have pomegranate seeds, ready to eat!

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